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The Secret to Body Confidence

Social media often plays a huge part of forming our views on what body confidence is.

After spending years at high school, all trying to find ourselves… who are we and what do we want to do with our lives? How can you really know at 18 years of age? We pick up the little lessons, bits of advice, and form our own ideas based on the experiences we’ve had along the way. We develop our perceived perception of beauty.

Our mums’ tell us everybody is beautiful. Advertisements tell us to lose10kgs or how delicious it would be to eat pizza at 10 o’clock at night. We are bombarded with external messages, this way or that, that our own judgement is skewed.


The external messaging we receive about body confidence shapes who we become and for many the value of worth we put on ourselves, again, based on our perceived perception of beauty.

When I was 15 years old at high school one day I had a boy yell out “fat cow” at me… WTF! I was tall, boobs, probably a size 12, and in no way a fat cow. And yet it still somehow worked its way into my subconscious.

Over the years I have gone from that size 12, all the way up to 18 – 20. Motherhood does that to you. Life does that to you, and even relationships as well.

Let me tell you… your weight, your curves, your rolls, and even what you wear doesn’t define your beauty. It most definitely doesn’t define your worth!

Your worth isn’t an external validation. It isn’t even an internal validation.

Just because you think you are or think you aren’t worth something isn’t even true.

You are worth it just because you are! It is your birthright to enjoy the life you have and all the opportunities coming your way.

I’m a little bit off on a tangent I know, but you are worth it because you are alive!

And when I say worth it by ‘it’ I mean whatever word you want to replace IT with.

You are worth that dream job. Dream partner.

Dream life. Worth spending money on yourself!

Because you are alive!

Think about this (you maybe don’t want to but I’m going there anyway) of all the million & billion sperm that it took to conceive you, you are the one that is here. You survived pregnancy and there was a 1 in 4 chance you wouldn’t. You have lived and survived life right up until this point.

Your existence is a miracle itself. That is why you are simply worth it just for being alive.

That is why you should have the body confidence. Because you are a miracle! You have this incredible life to live. Don’t let your past hurt over a 15 year old boy’s comment hold you back! (Or whatever it is that your own story may be).

Stand tall and proud that you are here. Smile like you know a secret – because you do.

Your life is not only worth living every day but celebrating every day.

Body confidence isn’t a pose to get a good photo to post on social media in hopes of getting lots of likes. Don’t define your body or your worth by someone hearting you on the gram.

Body confidence is a way of living; and living your best life without letting your beautiful rolls and cellulite hold you back.

You know when you meet someone who is body confident. It is like an aura that radiates from them. Their energy and their smile are infectious. You want to be like them. Have what they have. Do whatever it is that they are doing in order to have that “thing”. That thing being the intangible unexplainable zest for life.

The coaching industry is built off this, as is the influencer industry, and the network marketing industry.

You can’t buy someone else’s confidence. Sure you can be within their energy and get a little boost while you are there. But you don’t need to.

My advice…should you choose to accept it: live your life like the miracle that you are.

Stand tall, shoulders back, and smile! It’s the only secret you need to know.

What you are searching for is already inside of you.


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