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Below are our Business Sponsors – We would love if you could give them a follow, and reach out directly to them if they can assist you in any way!


The Crocker Collection – Julia Crocker

Julia Crocker is The Ultrasound Artist, celebrating and honouring all babies and pregnancies through her original concept of Ultrasound Art. This is a world first of it’s kind and she has been recently won GOLD as a Business Making a Difference. She has a passion for sending home the lost love of angel babies home to their families.

green ultrasoundJulia is donating 6 Ultrasound Artworks, in A3 in size in your choice of colours.
RRP $349

To get in touch with The Crocker Collection  you can contact Julia here:



Faye Logan Soul Guidance

Faye Logan Soul Guidance has a passion for empowering you to discover your soul purpose by offering psychic guidance, intuitive healing and spiritual mentorship. Faye guides in a positive, uplifting and empowering way to bring you back into a space of alignment and love.

Faye is donating “Fertility/Angel baby reading” RRP $90

To get in touch with Faye Logan Soul Guidance you can find Faye here:



Sweet Peanuts – Barbara Armstrong

Sweet Peanuts is a non-profit social enterprise that provides education and empowerment to the friends and family of bereaved women and couples through our care packages. This enables an informed conversation about loss and grief and how to properly provide support.

Barbara is donating “The Remembering Peanut package.” RRP $55
The Story of Peanut: “Peanut, the inspiration for our organisation is the angel baby we never held in our arms. We lost Peanut at 11 weeks to a missed miscarriage in 2019”

To get in touch with Sweet Peanuts you can find them here:


Franco Jewellers – Silvana Franco

Franco Jewellers is a proud family business that loves to celebrate all good things in life – as marriage, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays. With their gorgeous jewellery pieces we bring so much love and happiness. They custom make and import exquisite designs that are affordable and quality pieces. With over 53 years experience they can create your dream jewellery piece for you and your family. Based in Collins street Melbourne.

Silvana is donating 6 (one to each winner) Petite Initial pendant of your choice 9ct yellow gold or white gold on fine chain. RRP $255

To get in touch with Franco Jewellers you can find them here:




The Family Room WA – Holly Jones

Holly is a midwife of 10+ years who transforms birth trauma, pregnancy fear and loss, and parenting mindset using NLP, hypnosis, and mindset magic. She works in rural WA and Perth and is available for face to face or online sessions.

Holly is donating 6 (one for each winner) $100 off voucher for a pregnancy/birth/miscarriage trauma healing session. RRP $220.

A little of Holly’s story: “I have 2 wonderful teenagers in a very inclusive family. Queer, trans, Aboriginal, multi-cultural, and the ASD spectrum are represented between the 4 of us! In my work as a midwife, I have often been the one called on for pregnancy loss situations and have been privileged to be able to serve families during such an overwhelming time. “

To get in touch with The Family Room WA  you can contact them here:




Zoë Alexandria Jewellery – Zoë Richardson

Zoë Alexandria Jewellery is – you guessed it – a jewellery brand. But we believe we are so much more than that. Yes, on the outside we might be all sparkly and shiny, but on the inside, there are layers. We know we’re pretty to look at, but we also like to think that we hold meaning and purpose. Just like you. And you, my friend, are why we are here.

At Zoë Alexandria, we believe a sense of style can reflect the inner most workings of a soul, saying things to the world that you might not be brave enough to say out loud. So go on, what are you ready to tell the world?

Zoë is donating 6x Stone & Tag Necklaces in your choice of silver or gold RRP $89

To get in touch with Zoë Alexandria Jewellery you can contact Zoë here:


Institute of Healing Through Pregnancy Loss – Sharna Southan

The Institute of Healing through Pregnancy loss was founded out of the need for women to be able to talk through their loss to find healing, to be able to process their experience & move through their emotions to find acceptance & peace in their heart. Sharna, the Founder, offers Bespoke 1:1 Coaching for Angel Mums to help them process their grief to reconnect to their new values, new sense of self after loss & their incredible life that awaits them.

Sharna is donating a “Recover your Worthiness & Heal your story after loss, a 90min Bespoke 1:1 session.”
RRP $660

Sharna’s story: “My little angel taught me immense love. I unfortunately didn’t get to really see or meet my little angel, but he/she existed. I was what I thought, 10 weeks along, blissfully unaware of anything that could go wrong.  My little angel, although carried very briefly, taught me the meaning of immense & unconditional love. Knowing my little angel, changed the trajectory of my life. It was a hard & dark time in my life, one of the hardest I’ve ever been through, but I was able to put myself back together, rearranging the pieces, to create a strong & powerful woman.”
Fully story to come!

To get in touch with The Institute of Healing Through Pregnancy Loss  you can contact Sharna here:



Li’l Hands Bizi Minds – Elle Rushton

Li’l Hands Bizi Minds provides a range of creative activities for children and adults Australia wide. Activities include: plaster painting, sand art, sensory play resources, themed activity boxes, mindfulness matters kits and Buddy Bear Kits.
Their Buddy Bear Kits are the fundraising initiative supporting Bear Cottage, the only children’s hospice in NSW. For this giveaway, not only are we donating a Buddy Bear Kit to the family, the entire cost will be donated, not just $5. They are doing this in hopes that the Buddy Bear will bring some form of comfort to a family whilst the funds go towards providing comfort for a Bear Cottage Family.

Elle is donating 6 (one to each winner) Buddy Bear Kit. RRP $15

Elle’s story: Mama to baby Olivia born November 2020 – my surprise rainbow baby, first born and 7th baby Before Olivia, the furthest I had ever made it was 19 weeks with my baby girl Cadence in 2009

To get in touch with Li’l Hands Bizi Minds you can contact Elle here:



Daisies & Dandelions – Elyse Armstrong

Handmade Nursery Essentials

Elyse is donating a “Forever Held” Print.
RRP $50

Elyse’s story: “I created this piece in memory of my sweet Bo, to honour all the little loves that we can’t hold in our arms.”

To get in touch with Daisies & Dandelions you can contact Elyse here:




Uniquely Healing – Jennifer Lee

Jen is donating 3 x Evaluation sessions. RRP $197 each
An evaluation energy coaching session is a session to carry out an overall enegy health check to resolve any imbalances that you currently have with regards to your immune system, brain message, heart messages, pathogens, toxins. In addition to help identify any other problems that you may be causing irregular pregnancies that will help you move forward in a direction with reduced or eliminated pain, discomfort or issues.

To get in touch with Uniquely Healing you can contact Jen here:


My missing peace – Sarah Murnane

My missing peace creates heartfelt custom keepsakes for losses of all ages. The custom heart with exact size gestational babies for 6-12 weeks and the 13-22 week babies were the first of their kind in the world.

Sarah is donating a custom heart. RRP over $100

Sarah’s story: “I have 4 beautiful angels and I create in their honour” 

To get in touch with My Missing Peace you can contact Sarah here:




COS Organics – Rebecca Castano-Mander

Cos Organics are proud to be one of Queensland’s only locally made and owned, COSMOS certified organic skincare businesses. They are also thrilled to be one of Australia’s only Social Enterprises built around skincare to support women’s Social justice.

Rebecca is donating
Day Spa Body Mousse (250ml) Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml) RRP $100.
I also understand that our bodies even after loss can still experience the hormonal changes from pregnancy. The Day Spa Body Mousse is a huge support to stretch marks and itchy skin especially on the tummy. And our Shampoo and Conditioner is wonderful to help strengthen and grow your hair after the hormones start to decrease.

Rebecca’s story: I have two angel babies. My story isn’t unique, nor is the pain felt everyday. My first Angel was lost without explanation, my second from a car crash. Tears still flow, stories of other losses still brings my pain back and I daydream often about what their personalities would be like. 

To get in touch with COS Organics you can contact Rebecca here:


One Sonny Day – Colleen Jaftha

ONE SONNY DAY is an Australian art studio specialising in keepsake custom portraits of children and angels.

Colleen is donating 6 x $50 Angel Portrait Vouchers. One for each winner

Colleen’s story: Having experienced my own losses and a sister born sleeping, I know how precious these portraits are and feel so privileged to work on these treasured keepsakes. I promise it will be a special piece to honour and celebrate your child. A beautiful portrait that hangs proudly in your home and hopefully helps you a little on your healing journey.

To get in touch with One Sonny Day you can contact Colleen here:


Collective Keepsake Co – Allison Schleef

Handcrafted Breastmilk, DNA, Awareness, Milestone and Pet Memorial jewellery and Keepsakes. ‘Capturing and recreating those heartfelt precious memories/moments in time with empathy and love ….. Because Life and all it’s achievements are cause for celebration’ 💝 Servicing Australia wide

Allison is donating 6 x Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Charm Beads, RRP $65 each . These charms are an ombre resin pearl made in the Baby Loss Awareness colours, with stainless steel hardware for strength and durability. The donut bail bead fits on any Pandora style bracelet.

Allison’s story: “I have not personally experienced a Loss as such, but both my babies were born premature ( 28 weeks and 34 weeks ) and I am inherently aware that our situations could have easily gone the other way …. for this reason, I am a staunch advocate for raising awareness for Prematurity, and in turn, Pregnancy and Infant Loss.” 

To get in touch with Collective Keepsake Co  you can contact Allison here:


The Mini Collection – Krystal Lippold

The home of Handmade Soy Wax Candles It is their mission to ensure that each candle is made with more love and time than the last and that EVERY customer is beyond satisfied with their order. The Mini Collection is the home of Handmade Soy Wax Candles, Wax Melts and Reed Diffusers. From our home to yours!

Krystal is donating a Mini Mama Candle RRP $18

Krystal’s story: “My daughter was originally a twin however for unknown reason our second twin never gained a heart beat. We know that baby is always by our side protecting us and my daughter.”

To get in touch with The Mini Collection you can contact Krystal here: