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The Greatest Gift is Time

All too often I’ve heard myself saying: “not now, I’m too busy” or “I have other things I need to do.” All our children ever want from us is our time and our full attention. Over the past few months in the process of downsizing our life, our belongings, and even our priorities… I’ve had […]

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The Secret to Body Confidence

Social media often plays a huge part of forming our views on what body confidence is. After spending years at high school, all trying to find ourselves… who are we and what do we want to do with our lives? How can you really know at 18 years of age? We pick up the little […]

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5 Great Tips to make Motherhood easier!

Being a mum is still my greatest challenge, every single day! Everyone’s story is different – but I have no doubt that there are parts of mine that you can relate to. I became a mother at 26 years old. Unexpectedly, unplanned, and apparently super easily. I was 5 months into a new relationship and […]

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