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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I order?

Once your order has been received:

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is a physical handmade, one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL artwork, NOT a print or a digital copy.

It can take up to 2 weeks before your artwork is in the post. Current time frame is 1-2 weeks.


Q: What is the best Ultrasound Scan to use?
The best Ultrasound to use is normally the 2D scans, and the later in the gestation the more likely your baby will look like a baby. For early scans under 12 weeks gestation, it can sometimes be hard to tell that the art is of a baby, so I often include the whole womb (scan) in the artwork.

If you have any questions or concerns as to how your stencil will look please reach out to me and we can do a preview before you submit your order.
Click here to Contact Us


Q: What is the artwork made on?

The artworks are made on a synthetic paper (yupo paper) meaning a plastic form of paper. This means that the artworks are water resistance, and are sealed for protection from marks and fading.

These are best framed, unfortunately I cannot guarantee the option of framing.
They cannot be made on canvas!


Q: Will a 3D scan work for the artwork?
3D does work on occasions. Sometimes due to the nature of the images it can be hard to get all the details (like you would in the 2D black and white). If you have a 3D that you love send it through with a 2D you also love, and I will do up examples of how each will look, and you can choose your favourite.

Here is an example of how a 3D scan looks

yellow ultrasound art


Q: Will a video work?
Yes, a video of the ultrasound will work majority of the time. However, you won’t get all the details like you would in a still image. Sometimes the video will also be too pixelated to use.
If I am unhappy with the quality of the image after testing how the stencil looks, I will still show you the results and you have the option to continue the order with the video stencil, get a still image ultrasound scan or to cancel the order entirely for a full refund.


Q: What extras can I add in?
The extras that you can add in are endless (size limitations apply!) Anything from quotes, extra babies, ultrasound scans of hands and feet, or any small outline of an image.
Please note:
Any extra ultrasound image (baby or hands/feet) are an extra $30 per image – A3 size and above
Any simple image i.e. feather, heart, flower, wings etc is an extra $10 per image – A4 and above


Q: What is the time frame for my order?
Current turnaround time is 1-2 weeks before your order will go in the post. If you require your order before this time frame you can pay an additional $55 Rush Order Fee. This will put your artwork at the head of the que and upgrade you to express postage. Rush Orders are posted within 2-5 business days.

Once in the post I have no control over how long it’ll take for you to receive.


Q: What if I don’t have the Ultrasound scan yet?
Even if you don’t have the scan yet you can still place your order to save your place in the que and receive any promotional special if there is one.

Once you have your ultrasound scan you can email it to

Orders must be completed (artworks made and sent) within 12 months of purchase date.


Q: Is digital or printed scan better?
Digital is ideally better as the image will be clearer, however a photograph of the printed scan works amazing too. In fact, over 90% of the artworks we create are from a photo of the scan.
See below on how to best photograph your scan


Q: How do I photograph my scan?
To get the best results in your artwork it is best to photograph your scan in natural light, during the day, in focus and with a clean lens.

It is amazing the quality of photos that our phones can now take, so you really do not need any special camera – just be sure to wipe the camera lens over with a clean dry cloth before taking the photo

  1. Wipe the lens with dry cloth
  2. No flash
  3. Find a spot in your house with great natural light, not direct and harsh. By a window is awesome
  4. Make sure you hold your phone straight on to the scan (not at an angle), and be sure there is no shadows from yourself or your phone
  5. Take the photo as close as possible to the scan without cutting bits off or blurring the image


Q: How does making a custom colour combination work?
I love creating new colour combinations! I have over 200 individual colours, and always finding great colours to mix to get different shades! Plus, I love the challenge of making the perfect combination to suit your style and your bub, so don’t ever feel like you’re putting me out!

I offer every order 2 free colour combination tests and love your feedback as we go!