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Julia Crocker

julia crocker artist

Julia Crocker is the Ultrasound Artist. She celebrates all babies and pregnancies through her original Ultrasound Art; capturing the memory and the bond between a mother and her unborn baby. Julia’s Ultrasound Artworks are a worldwide first of their kind and to date she has created upwards of 230 artworks since launching in January 2020. Julia is compassionate and respectful. As a mother herself she holds space and love for all her clients on their journeys into motherhood and beyond. Julia found her artistic flare while on maternity leave with her first born Colton, now 6, and developed her unique Ultrasound Art while pregnant with her 2nd child, Tate, 3.

She was inspired to start the business of Ultrasound Artworks as a way to create a keepsake memorial, when sometimes the ultrasound is the only picture of that monumental life milestone. Whether your baby has passed or is healthy, not everyone gets the maternity or newborn photoshoots. Not everyone makes hand and foot paintings. But everyone has their ultrasound scans, normally tucked away over time. For many people that first glimpse of their baby is often the moment it becomes “real” and for some this remains the only chance they get to see their baby. It is time to celebrate the journey to motherhood and the amazing power we, as women, have in creating life inside ourselves.

She gives the gift of love and healing, not just the art itself but through the embodiment for whom she creates the art for. She sends the lost love of angel babies home to their families and allows their love to live on, openly and beautifully in the family home. It brings families joy and peace looking at their baby’s art, where before it was invisible heartbreak. All babies, living and departed, deserve to be celebrated and loved and Julia’s Ultrasound Artwork does this.








Photos by Yvonne Imagery